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When feeling blue

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Hi there, I’m Hans.I have been writing and producing my whole life. I started playing the piano when I was seven years old and decided to go to Jazzstudio in Antwerp at later age. After exploring my boundaries at piano at Jazzstudio, I went studying keyboards at the Conservatory in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. Since graduating at the conservatory, I have worked as a Musical Director for several TV shows such as Idols, X-factor and The Voice. The latter still keeps me busy every first half of the year. As a live musician I have had the opportunity to play with diverse and amazing international and national artists like Clouseau, Natalia, Blue Blot, Noordkaap, Shaggy , Anastacia , En Vogue, Rick Astley, Sister Sledge etc. My writings and productions come to life in my own studio called PopVilla, where I spend my days working on new music. In this same studio, I help to build the career of new artists such as Emma Bale, OT, Slongs, Metejoor, Chapter Two, S!MA

Since the Covid 19 pandemic I started to write some piano music. Being in lockdown, my piano was pulling me to the keys. I never felt a stronger connection with my instrument, and it was trying to tell me something. When my fingers gently touched the keys melodies started to come.